Saxon meeting in Sighisoara |

This year the 23rd edition of the Saxony meeting takes place in the citadel of Sighisoara on the 21st of September 2013.

Historical Film Festival Rasnov |

The topics at the 5th Rasnov Historical Film Festival, August 2-11, are - Year 1968, J.F. Kennedy, Music Legends and Amza Pellea -, complemented by a series of lectures delivered by artistic and academic figures.

International Theatre Festival Sibiu 2013 |

19 years ago, an initiative group led by Constantin Chiriac, actor of the Radu Stanca Theatre of Sibiu, decided to restore the lost glory of the city by organizing a theatre festival. The festival takes place between 7th and 16th of June 2013.
Transilvanian brunch in Hosman

Transilvanian brunch in Hosman |

30 aug 2014
Transilvanian Brunch: local food.tastes good "Brunch & Cultural Dessert" in Hosman on 30th of August 2014.
Transilvanian brunch in Zlagna

Transilvanian brunch in Zlagna |

26 iul 2014
Transilvanian Brunch: local food.tastes good "Brunch & Cultural Dessert" in Zlagna on 26th of July 2014.
Transilvanian brunch in Cincsor

Transilvanian brunch in Cincsor |

28 iun 2014
Transilvanian Brunch: local food.tastes good "Brunch & Cultural Dessert" in Cincsor on 28th of June 2014.
The German Culture Days

The German Culture Days  |

29 mai 2014 - 01 iun 2014
German Culture Days will take place from May 29 to June 1 in Sighisoara
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Council Square

Council Square

Best time to visit
Best tiem to visit
In April and May you can witness the beginning of spring by admiring the blossomy fields and fruit trees, the fresh green of the grass, the flowery scents and the clear blue sky. This is an ideal time for experiencing the rebirth of nature and for taking fabulous pictures.
Essential experience
Essential experience
These are some of the things you don't want to miss when you get here.
Getting under the skin
Getting under the skin
You have to "taste" the local stuff for a real Transylvanian experience.
The Fortified Churches are an unique and interesting fenomenon. They can be found in only a few places throughout Europe and there were more than 300 Fortified Saxon Churches in Transylvania.
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